Selected Projects

Below is a sample from my portfolio of work in design research, strategy and monitoring and evaluation.

TISA store.png

Tiendas de la Salud: Design research and evaluation of a rural pharmacy franchise in Guatemala

Tiendas de Salud (TISA) are pharmacy franchise stores placed in poor, rural communities in highland Guatemala, with the goal of increasing access to essential medicines. The program was incubated by nonprofit Mercy Corps with funding from the Linked Foundation, but with the goal of sustainability, later transitioned to be managed by Guatemalan pharmacy chain, Farmacias de la Comunidad. With many social franchising programs popping up around the globe, there is growing interest in the effectiveness of the programs like TISA as a model for the sustainable expansion of access to medicines in to rural communities. I led a mixed-methods study through the UCSF Global Health Group to evaluate how well the TISA stores were meeting the program’s mission of improving access to essential medicines and to highlight concrete areas for improvement. See the full report for more details. Since completion of the TISA research project, I have worked as a Senior advisor to the Linked Foundation on strategy and evaluation.


Introducing rapid diagnostic tests for malaria at shops and pharmacies in nigeria

In January 2012 I conducted qualitative research to understand malaria diagnosis and treatment practices among private providers in Nigeria, as part of the the UCSF Private Sector Healthcare Initiative team. Our goal was to better understand how case management could be improved, and specifically how Rapid Diagnostic Tests for malaria could be rolled out in drug shops prior to treatment. Following the exploratory research in-country, we designed the Rapid Examination of Malaria and Evaluation of Diagnostic Information (REMEDI) to directly test the response among clients of private drug shops to the results of malaria rapid diagnostic tests, and measured how this affected adherence to proper malaria treatment. We also looked at how SMS reminder messages reinforced (or not) the treatment advice. As part of the UCSF-based team, I worked on survey design, project management, field preparation, and training of data collection staff. See the publications section for three papers that discuss our findings. 

Foundation-level social metrics

I've worked with several foundations - from small, private ones to large, corporate foundations - to develop systems to aggregate social metrics across a portfolio of grantees and investments. In one such example, I worked on a team to develop the M&E strategy for a large corporate foundation with approximately 50 grantees that spanned several sectors (health, education, public safety, entrepreneurship and environment) worldwide. In addition to aggregate metrics be sector, we developed a way to segment grantees by M&E stage and capacity, with research steps to follow in each category.  Following the M&E strategy process, I worked with the client to analyze data from one of its grantees to evaluate the impact of a smartphone-enabled cardiovascular sensors to detect cardiovascular disease among patients in rural areas.